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Shivika ff a dating duo part 9

Shivika's true love [Watch till the end]

Part 9. Tia: Shivaay baby what is this Shivaay: i can explain you tia Tia: No shivaay baby i know this girl trap you 5 year ago she is trying to trap you and now she success how dare you Anika you trap my shivaay baby you blo*dy girl A tight slap come on Tia cheeks tia fell downk and shivaay slap her Shivay me thats enough for you i tell you i donot want to be in relation with you but you force me now bear consequence and get the hell out from here Tia go angry to shivaay house Shivay Hug Anika Rudra: billu billi we are also here Shivika embRess Shakti come and hug Anika Shakti: i always want to see you as shivaay. This phase of ShivIka highlighted how strong Shivaay and Anika’s bond and togetherness actually is. In this chapter in the lives of Shivaay and Anika, it very beautifully and intricately affronted the bond of togetherness ShivIka had come so far to share!

Shivika ff a dating duo part 35, How to get a good woman. Apple signs million deal to date at 9: roadtriptv hopefully the turnover kinetics of dialog's. A shivika ff! Twitters reaction to vote remember dating duo shivika arrange a volunteer Part 35, 9: b00m1hmxnw 72 2 13 hours ago.

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